dAir – Stockholm Study Visit Proceedings

June 2013

The main objective of this Study Visit is to look at the environmental situation at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. As regards environmental issues around the airport, the role of the Transport Administration is to provide green solutions for transport to and from the airport.

dAir – Terres de France Study Visit Proceedings

April 2013

The study visit was organised by Communauté d’Agglomération Terres de France as part of the dAIR project. dAIR looks at how CO2 emissions from surface access and airport operations can be reduced. Through study visits and workshops, as well as stakeholder forums, the 14 member organisations are able to exchange experiences and see what reduction solutions have been used and have worked at other airport regions and how they could be applied to their own.

Territorial Marketing and Airport Regions

February, 2013

Three roundtable discussions: Challenges of International Competition for Airport Regions, Marketing Strategies of Airport Regions and How can Europe Best Support its Airport Regions.

Annual Report 2012

December 2012

2012 has been a troubled year with flat or decreasing air traffic in many places around Europe, yet it has also been a year of developments for many regions, with our voice being heard in the airport package debate, the growing recognition of spatial planning and more areas which you can explore in this report.

The Impact of Middle Eastern Air Carriers on European Hub

July 2012

This study aims at updating Europe’s local and regional governments on a new phenomenon: the competitive impact of air carriers based in the Arabian Gulf. The competition between airlines and their respective market shares may seem a purely economic concern but it is not. The consequences will be felt in regions seeking new destinations from their key airports and will be equally strong for regions that are home to European flag carriers.

ARC Annual Report 2011

December 2011

Take a look back at our achievements in 2011, such as obtaining leading roles in aviation debates, carrying out projects, acquiring and mediating knowledge, and participating in collaborations within the organisation and at European level.

Middle Eastern Carriers – An Aviation Strategy Perspective

November 2011

This paper has been prepared to provide guidance to the Airport Regions Conference (ARC) members on the current and future role and impact of the Middle East hub carriers; specifically focussing on Emirates of Dubai, Etihad of Abu Dhabi and Qatar Airways of Qatar.

From Airport to Airport City

January 2001

Today, airport development generates phenomena of which airport regions are as yet little aware, and which not yet found appropriate responses in local and regional plans and strategies. Too much is still subsumed under the term “airport” and only means an airport’s core business, air traffic. The potential to see airports in a more differentiated way, including the roles they can play in networks, and their effects on development opportunities, remains unused.