Exploring Novel Approaches for Aviation Noise Management

July 2018

The first encounter with local communities and other stakeholders took place in Gavà, Spain, on 14 of June 2018, where another ANIMA dissemination event was organised. This event was hosted by the Municipality of Gavà and its aim was to enhance stakeholder engagement. The event opened up dialogue on several topics, such as land use planning, quality of life, noise measurement, noise impact management and the European regulatory framework on aviation noise. While different perspectives contributed to the topics, the event proved to be the right medium for encouraging the stakeholders to work together towards a shared vision, one of mitigating and reducing the impact of aviation noise.

LAirA Action Plan: Air-Rail Link

September 2018

LAirA addresses the specific and significant challenge of the multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility integration of airports in the mobility systems of Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) of Central Europe (CE). Airports are key assets of CE FUAs and important transnational transport gateways for CE citizens. The magnitude and growing trend of air traffic (on average 10% per year in the EU) requires actions for the improved and sustainable landside accessibility of FUAs to airports.

Managing and Mitigating Noise Impact

March 2018

The following proceedings are published after a fruitful event at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on 6 March 2018 during which the ANIMA project was officially launched and presented to the outer world. This successful event was hosted by Finnish Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Mrs Merja Kyllönen (GUE/NGL).

An Intermodal Approach towards Airport Access

April 2018

Improving surface access to airports is a crucial aspect of handling expected air traffic growth that will put much pressure on Europe’s airports and the transport network that links the airports with city centres and their hinterland. It became clear that including the grievances of residents living nearby gateways is key. Combining an improved public acceptance with seamless travel and a good passenger experience will most definitely contribute to the preservation of the wider European integration project.

ARC Activity Report 2017

March 2018

We increased our visibility by organising and attending several successful events, conferences and high-level meetings at the European institutions that attracted attention from key stakeholders in the European aviation scene. In the past year, our secretariat gained in capacity and we delivered a lot by letting our voice being heard in order to be included in Brussels’ positions. Our commitment confirmed once more our important position as an influencer in the European policy-making process.

Air Connectivity in European Regions

December 2017

This paper was issued in the light of an event on air transport connectivity organised by ARC and hosted by Estonian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Urmas Paet on 5 December 2017 in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Ultrafine Particles in Airport Regions

March 2017

Supporting the reduction of ultra-fine particles (UFPs) to the minimum is crucial to preserve a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for residents living in airport regions. Airport Regions Conference is the best-placed organisation to ensure sustainable future aviation policy that keeps these concerns in mind. We would be happy to see our contributed expertise and feedback being translated into additional tools to improve quality of life for our citizens.

ARC Annual Report 2016

December 2016

Check out the latest achievements of the Airport Regions Conference: new members, new European projects, new communication strategy. We are proud to say that 2016 was a year of growth!

Air Cargo in Airport Regions

February 2016

This study aims to deepen understanding of the air cargo industry. The main aspects discussed in this study are: how air cargo works and who are the main players; the main issues and trends air cargo has to face; the way air cargo impacts territories and local communities.

ARC Annual Report 2015

December 2015

Take a look back at our achievements in 2015, amongst which we remark that great progress on noise regulation has been made and another EU project has been finalised.