ARC: Key partner to European projects


Thanks to our involvement in previous European projects, we have established ourselves as a credible partner for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. We are actively seeking to contribute to European projects that support our fundamental values and strategic objectives.


The ARC key areas

Our research interests are in line with the concerns of our members:

  • Aviation noise and emissions
  • Training and employment in airport regions
  • Congestion and airport capacity
  • Land use and airport expansion
  • Intermodality
  • Surface access
  • Connectivity



DREAAM project focuses on the exchange of good practices on vocational education and training through strategic partnerships. The objective of the project is to develop relevant and high-quality skills and competencies. The project contributes to enriching knowledge and dissemination of policy recommendations with the purpose of matching the current skills of the population residing in airport areas with the actual skills as required by employers, in this case, airport companies.


ANIMA stands for Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches. The ANIMA project is a people-oriented research project. It aims at identifying and diffusing best practices to lower the noise annoyance endured by communities around airports.


LAirA (Landside Airports Accessibility) is a new Interreg Central Europe project that has started in May 2017. The Airport Regions conference is participating to this project as the communication partner, being in charge of the communication work package. The ARC’s role is to lead the communication activities of the project, to disseminate the LAirA outcomes and to manage the stakeholders involved in the project.


The goal of DAIR was to improve the surface accessibility to airport zones and the CO2 neutrality of airport operator activities. The project paid special attention to the optimal involvement of business R&D communities in creating well connected green airports.