As from April 2018 the connection between Groningen and London will be expanded considerably. Flybe, operated by Stobart Air, will fly to London Southend Airport three times a day from Groningen Airport Eelde. The aircraft starts and ends the flights every day at Groningen Airport Eelde. A fantastic development for the airport and for northern Netherlands.

Marco van de Kreeke (Director Groningen Airport Eelde): “With this expansion we offer an excellent product for travelers from northern Netherlands. For them it is now possible to have breakfast at home, to join a meeting in the afternoon and to be home again in the evening. Traveling to London? There is no longer any argument to fly from another airport. “The traveler can park directly in front of the terminal, check in online in advance and only have to be present 40 minutes before departure. Choosing Groningen Airport Eelde means choosing time savings and comfort.

Ciaran Smith (Network Development Manager at Stobart Air): “The route between Groningen and London has been a popular connection since the beginning of 2014 for both business and leisure travelers. We see a great demand for the service and want to meet this demand with this expansion of flight frequency. Now we can offer our passengers more choice and expand our good relationship with Groningen Airport Eelde. ”

Connections to Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow

From April 2018 it is also possible to fly through London Southend Airport with a seamless connection to destinations such as Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow. The transfer times are between 45 and 90 minutes.

Incoming travelers

The expansion is also interesting for the tourist ambitions of the Northern Netherlands. Michel Aldering (Marketing Groningen) is pleased with this development: “With the direct connection from Groningen Airport Eelde Eelde, the London region has been one of our focal areas for years. The expansion of the flights provides increased accessibility and an increase in the visit of (business) tourists to Groningen. Which is obviously good for the economy of the region! ”

London Southend Airport

London Southend airport has already been ranked first number 1 as London’s best airport by Which. The airport is known for its convenience and speed. Travelers with only hand luggage can reach the train within 15 minutes. This train takes you to the Financial District in 45 minutes in or to the heart of London in 50 minutes!

Stobart Air

Stobart Air operates 880 flights a week, spread over 43 different routes in Ireland, United Kingdom and other Europe. Stobart Air operates flights from Flybe from London Southend Airport and the Isle of Man.