Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) is the first European airport where flying with unmanned aircraft, such as drones, is permitted. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has adapted the regulation for remote controlled aircraft. As a result, the DroneHub GAE can now investigate how drones can be fully integrated into regular air traffic.

To achieve this, the DroneHub GAE works closely with Groningen Airport Eelde and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL). Onno de Jong, Airport Manager GAE: “One of the first steps we are going to take is making a drone visible on the radar. Step by step, we are investigating how we can fully and safely integrate drones. “Provincial Deputy Henk Brink of the province of Drenthe:” We have taken the initiative to establish the DroneHub GAE, because it is important that legislation is involved at an early stage when innovative developments in the market are taking place. An example of this is the delivery of emergency medication to the Wadden Islands. We also see opportunities in other sectors, such as precision agriculture. ”

What does this mean?

The first flights are expected to take place at the airport at the end of the first quarter of 2018. These controlled flights are only performed by qualified pilots. Civil aviation will not be affected by flights with drones because flying will first take place separately. Safety is always paramount.

About DroneHub GAE

In the DroneHub GAE, companies, knowledge institutions and governments work together to develop and facilitate drone business and to investigate innovative solutions in the field of drones. Active connections are made to boost and accelerate the emerging new economy around drones. More information:

Source: Groningen Airport Eelde