The ARC Secretariat together with the European Office of FrankfurtRheinMain organised a conference dedicated to Ultrafine Particles in Airport Regions, which took place on 23rd of March, in Brussels.

Air quality is a rising concern for residents of the airport regions. Whilst there is a feeling that pollutants from many sources are well known and reasonably accounted for, the Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) are less known, and specifically the UFPs arising from aviation activities.

Through this conference, we aim at broadening our knowledge as spatial planners and as politicians involved in the future of the regions and cities hosting an airport.

Many aspects require further understanding, and will be explored throughou the day:

  • on the UFP themselves: What do we know on these pollutants? What are the amounts of UFPs, what are the state of the art measurements, what are the limit values?
  • on the airport/ aviation specificities: What are the airport-regions specificities? What amount of UFPs around the airport comes from aviation activities (flying, taking off, landing, taxing aircraft and APU)?
  • on the impact on workers and on residents: What can be done to fight these pollutants? What additional research do we need?
  • on the solutions: What are the technical solutions? Optimized engines, filter, other fuel or legislative solutions? What are the international standards or international regulations? Should EU address the problem?

Meeting Documents