In the framework of the Horizon 2020 project ANIMA (Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches), the Mayor of Gava on behalf of Gava Town Council and the Airport Regions Conference are delighted to invite you to an event on the topic of aviation noise impact management and measurement. The event will take place in Gava, Spain, on 14 June, between 10:00 and 16:00, at AC Hotel Gava Mar.


Draft Agenda is available here. 

Aviation noise has an impact on local communities and negatively colours public perceptions of the air transport industry. The aviation sector must address the continuous concerns of local communities, given their increasing influence on planning and environmental decisions by national and local governments. This is why, ANIMA is a research project that substantially focuses on these aspects. ANIMA project gathers some of the key stakeholders from the European research community and the aviation sector.

This event is meant to present ANIMA project to local stakeholders in the area and engage with them by exchanging feedback on the local situation in Gava, on how can research improve it and effective noise management policies and practices.

This event is divided in two sessions:

  • General session – This session includes speakers from ANIMA project, ONERA, EUROCONTROL, Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Gava Town Council, AENA, Residents’ Association etc. The ANIMA project will be presented and also, the state of play of the aviation noise research sector will be analysed. This session brings forward an overview of the current situation from the perspective of different stakeholders (local authorities, airports, airport operators, researchers, academia), at both European level and local level.
  • Roundtable session – This session includes speakers from Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University and Anotec Engineering. Important: There are three roundtable discussions. For each discussion, participants must register in advance on this page. Please see below the proposed roundtables, their description and please make your choice:

          Roundtable 1: Land Use Planning (LUP) and the challenge of the stakeholders’ engagement

Dr Delia Dimitriu, Research Fellow – Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Graeme Heyes, Research Associate – Manchester Metropolitan University

The session will explain the concept of LUP, will explore the importance of this tool for aviation noise mitigation, and will present some existing good & bad practices. The challenges associated to stakeholders’ engagement in LUP will be  further debated with the audience, aiming at gathering additional insights into this demanding topic. The outcome will be recorded in the dedicated sub task of the ANIMA project.

         Roundtable 2: How airports influence quality of life

Roalt Aalmoes, Senior R&D Engineer – NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre)

In this roundtable we will discuss indicators that describe quality of life and explore how airport activity impacts on this. We will determine with stakeholders how quality of life can be improved best for the area. Hence, stakeholders will be involved in the process and their opinion will contribute to the achievement of an improved quality of life.  What are the measures that can be taken to improve the quality of life, which measures were (in)successful in the past, and which measures are most effective or promising for the future?

         Roundtable 3: How can measurement systems be used to improve communication?

Nico van Oosten, CEO – Anotec Engineering

Airports have been using noise and track monitoring systems for decades. More recently generic commercially available awareness raising tools such as Webtrack are being used to publish the data from these systems to a wider audience. Since the related investments are considerable, it is of interest to assess whether this kind of tools are effective means of communication and as such have contributed to e.g. consensus building.  The objective of this roundtable is to introduce the tools and to gather the opinion of the end-users on these tools (municipalities, residents, etc) about their usefulness, to identify which functionalities are considered appropriate and what gaps exist in the information (incl. metrics) and functionalities provided. In addition, a more generic discussion on measurement versus prediction is sought so as to explore possibilities of combining both to enhance the user experience.

Working with a community to adjust noise is essential and we hope that you could join us on this occasion.

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