The next ARC conference will be held in Gothenburg, hosted by our ARC members in the region (the City of Gothenburg / Göteborgsregionens kommunförbund and Härryda) on 18 – 19 April 2018.

18 April: “Cities, Mobility and the Future” conference – organised by our hosts, the City of Gothenburg / Göteborgsregionens kommunförbund and Härryda.

Time: 08:30 – 16:30
Venue: Sjöfartssalen room, Gothenburg town hall, Gustaf Adolfs torg 1, Gothenburg

Important: If you want to participate to this meeting, please contact us. Participation is only possible based on registration. The ARC members have priority. 

Hotel recommendations:

Comfort hotel Göteborg: from 115 EUR – 650 metres from Town hall

Scandic Europa: from 130 EUR – 500 metres from Town hall


Practical information

Getting from airport Landvetter to Town hall:

Bus: ”Flygbussen” / airport bus from Landvetter Airport to Nils Ericssons Terminal (Gothenburg C) Approx. 30 min, buses every 12 minutes

Tickets online: or in a ticket machine by the bus stop.

Walking distance, 10 minutes, from Gothenburg C to Town hall on Gustav Adolfs torg (square) or public transport (trams and buses) to “Brunnsparken”.

Getting from Town hall to hotels: walking distance

Getting to Comfort hotel

Bus to Stenpiren bus stop, from Gothenburg Central Station. By bus: 60, Red (Röd) and Blue (Blå) and Tram: 9 & 1

Walk 800 metres to the hotel or bus/tram from the Central Station to Stenpiren bus stop.

From Landvetter airport: Shuttle to Gothenburg Central Station. Change to bus 60, Red (Röd), Blue (Blå) or tram 9 or 1 to Stenpiren bus stop. The journey takes about 30 minutes by bus and 20-25 minutes by taxi.

By taxi

Taxi Göteborg, telephone +46 31-65 00 00.



April 18, 2018


Landvetter airports role in the dynamic region

Charlotte Ljunggren, Airport Director Göteborg Landvetter Airport

The airport is an integral part of the region and collaboration is essential for successful growth. 7 million passengers in 2018 and a lot of investment in the airport and airport city are on the agenda. What are the key drivers and success factors for continued growth?

Landvetter Södra – The new modern and human city 5 min from the terminal check-in

Per Vorberg, Mayor Municipality of Härryda

New rail connection between the airport and Gothenburg makes planning new cities along the track a reality. Building a completely new city with 25000+ inhabitants is a great opportunity. The hurdles, challenges and the race to build something sustainable in a high growth area.

Creating surface access to the airport is a challenge!

Per Kristersson, Senior regional planner, GR

Surface access to the airport represents a large part of CO2 emissions caused by air traffic. To be able to reduce the air traffic-related environmental footprint many considerations is needed. Public transport, more environmentally friendly vehicles, less car use are some of the initiatives ARC has previously addressed. By looking at land use planning an increased density and less urban sprawl enables a more sustainable and effective public transport. Also when you need to fly to your destination!

Urban Mobility 3.0

Janne Hellåker, Drive Sweden

How will self-driving vehicles change the way we move? How can the new mobility help us redesign our cities? What are the different scenarios, will we have a mobility heaven or hell?

City Cable car

Erik Thune, Project manager Cable car, City of Gothenburg

The city is growing and the river is dividing its two parts. Is a new cable car the solution and how can it be incorporated into the public transport system?

The city as a testbed – roles and consequences for the local government                      

Erica Eneqvist, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden/KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

There has been more common with experimentation as a solution for managing complex urban challenges, the testing activities can be seen as a way forward to a more sustainable society. The interest to use the city as a test bed or a lab exists both among businesses, NGOs, local governments and national agencies, and it is often conducted in partnerships. The presentation is about the role and consequences for the local government in such a partnership.

Smart and clean mobility solutions at and around Helsinki airport

Arja Lukin, Project Director, Airport City Aviapolis, City of Vantaa

Helsinki Tallinn tunnel, Flightrail and development of multimodal transport hub at the Airport and in Aviapolis – Smart and Clean mobility solutions

The future is electric

Magnus Broback, VP City Mobility, Volvo Bus

The city bus of the future is going to be electric and Volvo is leading the charge. The company has been pursuing developments in this area for more than a decade and today boasts a range of hybrid, electric hybrid and pure electric models.

Transformation of a car user experience

Dr Robert Broström, Senior Technical Leader UX & Malin Labecker, Director UX Development, Volvo Cars

A car manufacturer’s perspective on Ownership, Connectivity, and Autonomous driving.

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