A New Environmental Deal for Airport Regions

December 2015

This report presents the outcomes of the ARC Annual General Meeting, which took place in June 2015, in the Oslo – Akershus region. It was published in January 2016 and covers different environmental aspects, such as transportation challenges, air pollution, climate change and more.

Noise Policies in Airport Regions

November 2015

These proceedings were compiled as a follow-up of the event organised by ARC on the 20th of November 2015. The purpose of the conference was to analyse the impact of the EU Regulation No 598/2014 on cities and regions.

Quality of Life in Airport Regions

April 2014

The Quality of Life in Airport Regions (QLAIR) project was initiated in 2007 by the Province of Noord-Holland and the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. A group of airport regions, all members of the Airport Regions Conference (ARC), has completed a number of projects which resulted in recommendations for improving the quality of life for citizens in the region.

The Economic Impact of Airports

February 2014

Regions can be entirely against the presence of an airport, but sometimes an airport completely ignores the existence of a region. An airport is nothing without the airlines, and this also has to play a part and collaborate with the other two. The ARC tries to identify common ground for successful strategies, aiming for a balanced triangle, where all the actors are working together. Of course, this is not an easy job, but it can be done.

ARC Annual Report 2013

December 2013

In 2013 we have continued on our path to bringing regional representatives of airport areas together. We have organised conferences in which our members learnt about the importance of territorial marketing as well as the role of the link between airports and regions in terms of economic and social development. We have been present at EU level and our input into legislation is making a difference in our members’ regions and beyond.

Funding for Airports Regions

July 2013

We have the pleasure to present to you twelve programmes that, in one way or another, are addressing the concerns that we have for our regions. Get started right away, and make the European airport regions get the funding they deserve.

dAir – Stockholm Study Visit Proceedings

June 2013

The main objective of this Study Visit is to look at the environmental situation at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. As regards environmental issues around the airport, the role of the Transport Administration is to provide green solutions for transport to and from the airport.

dAir – Terres de France Study Visit Proceedings

April 2013

The study visit was organised by Communauté d’Agglomération Terres de France as part of the dAIR project. dAIR looks at how CO2 emissions from surface access and airport operations can be reduced. Through study visits and workshops, as well as stakeholder forums, the 14 member organisations are able to exchange experiences and see what reduction solutions have been used and have worked at other airport regions and how they could be applied to their own.

Territorial Marketing and Airport Regions

February, 2013

Three roundtable discussions: Challenges of International Competition for Airport Regions, Marketing Strategies of Airport Regions and How can Europe Best Support its Airport Regions.