The Airport Regions Conference (ARC) is an association of regional and local authorities across Europe with an international airport situated within or near their territories. The ARC brings together a wide range of expertise at the interface of air transport and local and regional policies. A common concern is to balance the economic benefits generated by the airports with their environmental impact.


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Beek: Emirates SkyCargo to serve US-market via Maastricht-Aachen Airport

February 15, 2018 - Emirates SkyCargo has landed at Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA). Emirates flies daily from Los Angeles, Chicago or New York to Dubai with a stopover in Beek. Each time one third of the cargo on board (about 25 tons) coming from the US will be offloaded from the aircraft and just as much weight will be ...

Fingal Councillors confused and concerned over Dublin Airport Noise Regulator appointment

February 15, 2018 - Fingal County Council had been appointed the new independent Airport Noise Regulator for Dublin Airport. However, the airport is one of its biggest commercial rate-payers. Independent councillor Anne Devitt expressed confusion at how Fingal will act as both a decision maker for any planning applications regarding the construction work, and as a noise regulator for ...

Study on the transpacific fuel efficiency of 20 major airlines

January 29, 2018 - After previous studies on fuel efficiency of US airlines on domestic routes and of 20 major airlines that are active on the transatlantic market, the International Council on Clean Transportation has now released a report to map the fuel efficiency of the 20 major carriers that are active on transpacific routes. Hainan Airlines from China ...

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ARC Annual Report 2016

ARC Annual Report 2016

September 21, 2017 - December 2016 Check out the latest achievements of the Airport Regions Conference: new members, new European projects, new communication strategy. We are proud to say that 2016 was a year of growth!

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ANIMA stands for Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches. The ANIMA project is a people-oriented research project. It aims at identifying and diffusing best practices to lower the noise annoyance endured by communities around airports.

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